All We Art is the result of a pioneer effort made in Washington, DC to promote Latin American and International contemporary renowned and emerging artists. With an outstanding repercussion in local media (see Washington Post and other reviews here) All We Art achieved its goal to place up high the work of important yet little-known artists with innovative aesthetic proposals.

Now transformed in a versatile project, All We Art goes to public instead of waiting for visitors in a conventional gallery. Participating in pop-ups, fairs and special exhibitions, All We Art goes further and wider with a more direct approach to collectors, corporate buyers and art lovers wherever they are.

Going beyond the old art store model, All We Art devotes itself to help people to understand, appreciate and enjoy art at home and at workplace, as a way to add beauty and meaning to their everyday life.

A well selected painting in a wall is a mirror to the soul and a window to the secret garden of our taste and style, waiting to deliver its message to family, friends, colleagues and visitors.

Change your space, open your eyes and your mind. Be pArt of the new trend. You Art what you see, you Art what you feel, you Art what you dream. You are what you Art.