The exhibition, which brings together the work of creators, is titled Two painters of the southern highlands and include special talks with each of the creators.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015  Milen Saavedra  / La Paz

The Bolivian artists José Bayro Carrochano and Fabricio Lara unite and take their art to Washington DC, USA. The creators open tomorrow an exhibition at the Art Gallery All We located in that city.  "From the highlands mythical, the central highlands of South America, arriving two very different artists and yet similar in European heritage the 'real painting', mixed with ancient indigenous traditions, " reads the presentation of the exhibition.

Therefore, the exhibition is named Two Painters from the Southern Highlands (Two painters of the southern highlands). The exhibition will remain open until March 25. Furthermore, the gallery hosts two special meetings to talk with each of the artists. 
Bayro present a review of the last five years of production, with works based on current issues of the City of Mexico.  
"It's a collection that synthesizes all my work, are little more than 20 pieces One is called, eg climate change;.. another, Transgenic fruit and another, The fruit picker What I wanted to show they are specific issues that speak of the country where I work and understood as a foreign work, "said Bayro in an interview with the Mexican newspaper Excelsior. 
The artist added that is in the maturity of its production, especially in the use of color that characterizes his work, both in painting and drawing as in sculpture. "This will be seen on display in Washington, where he will combine paintings, bronzes, ceramics, engravings and paintings on amate" he said in the interview.  As for the work of Lara, organizers emphasized the influence of the inheritance from his father, Gustavo Lara Torres, and his uncle Raul Lara Torres, who were prominent Bolivian artists, according to the website "Lara focuses on the myths, customs and beliefs of their ancestors, and translates them into compositions expressive, gestural and little figurative. His work shares the symbolism of Andean culture of his native Bolivia, often incorporating images of condors, bulls and horses in bright colors, "says the website. With the sample, All We Art seeks to continue its mission to serve as a space multidisciplinary dedicated to promoting international cultural exchange through exhibitions, cultural programs and related services.