Through her sustained and coherent development in sculpture, Gaudí Esté has reached the apex of success in her career. Focusing on woodworking, Esté was able to find a unique sensitivity and maturity through the enjoyment that she found in the natural textures and shapes of wood. Consequently, her growth allowed her to transition from rudimentary to refined approaches in the field of woodworking.  The body language of the animal and the man is a manifestation of great strength and little complacency. There is a syncretism between the human who identifies with the animal and the animal that is identified with the human. Esté outperforms popular trends of her time by using noble materials and traditional tools in order to illustrate this idea. By first manipulating wood and then manipulating metal, Esté is able to translate her inspiration into multiple languages, achieving a constant strength in volume and a facial intensity in her works. There also exists a direct allusion to animals that traditionally accompany humankind, such as dogs and horses. Additionally, with the placement of elements such as wheels, nails, muzzles, and force elements, a sense of inner strength is reinforced in the revealed shape of her sculpture.  As a female artist who works integrally in Venezuela, her sculpture manifests the values of Venezuelan sculpture that has been traditionally relegated to painting. Esté’s work has been persistently present in solo, group, and national exhibitions. Her dedication mirrors the personal strength evoked in beings who choose to struggle for freedom instead of simply bowing down to a master. 


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