In the history of Argentine art, the name of Jorge Brito is reiterated in all chronologies of 'Arte Concreto' and every time ther is a mention of the       " Four young artists manifesto" , document signed by Brito, Claudio Girola, Tomas Maldonado and Alfredo Hlito, fellow students of Prilidiano Pueyrredón School of Arts.

Attracted by the teachings of Joaquín Torres García, he traveled to Montevideo and went to his 'Taller' although not being part of it. In Uruguay, he devoted to painting, mural art and he taught industrial design. In 1962, after participating in the first exhibition of MAMBA, he moved to Venezuela. In 1968 he settled in Paris, where he continues his work as a painter and puts particular interest in printmaking and sculpture.

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