Ana Sediles

By Mark Jenkins 

Simplicity is paramount when painting in watercolor, which is Ana Sediles’s principal medium. The Spanish artist, whose first American show is now at All We Art, executes land-and-seascapes that rely on fluid textures, simulating the play of light and a strong contrast between vertical and horizontal. Interestingly, and effectively, Sediles usually forgoes the customary landscape format. Rather than maximizing the horizon line, she grabs a vertical slice of a long vista.


Ana Sediles : Watercolor - 2014 on view at @Allweart

Sediles also is showing some abstract intaglio prints, bold and monochromatic, and two sketchy acrylics that follow the traditional wide-angle approach. It’s her watercolors, however, that dominate. Working primarily in blue, brown-gray and the white of the underlying paper, the artist evokes the Mediterranean shore or bucolic streams. Two paintings show Central Park bordered by skyscrapers, but Sediles’s pictures are rarely so urban or so specific. Drawing on memory or imagination rather than photographs, she paints moments in which what matters is not location but the universal interplay of sunlight and rippling currents.

Ana Sediles On view through July 26 at All We Art, 1666 33rd St. NW. 202-375-9713.