Lourdes Silva was born in Venezuela, S. A. She graduated as a Dentist at Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas. After a few years of practicing, in 1978 she decided to start her education as a metalsmith; since then she has attended numerous courses related to metal techniques in USA and in Venezuela, taking workshops in Broward Community College Florida, with Marlene Byer; in Penland School of Crafts, North Carolina, USA, with Mari Ann Scherr, Marilyn Sommers and Michael Jerry, Donavon Boutz, Pat Flynn in different techniques, as shell structures, small objects, surface treatment, forging, stone setting, casting. In the summer of 1982, she traveled to New York City, N.Y. and enrolled at Parsons School of Design and was trained by Mary Ann Scherr (Instant Photo etching); David Tisdale (Anodised Aluminum, Titanium); Sidney Scherr ( Enameling); Stanley Rosemberg (Granulation); Michael Lieber (Forging).

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