Anrika Rupp

By Mark Jenkins October 31 at 10:59 AM

The recently opened All We Art specializes in artists from Venezuela, a category that loosely encompasses American-German-Venezuelan Anrika Rupp. But Rupp, who lives in Miami, cultivates an outlook that is beyond international. Her “PH Access” ponders both the cosmos and its smallest parts. Among the things “PH” denotes are photography, philosophy, photons and PHAs (potentially hazardous asteroids). Alas, another of her enthusiasms, fractals, doesn’t start with “ph.”

Rupp is not an astrophysicist, but she is trained as both an artist and an engineer. Blending the two disciplines yields photographs, paintings and constructions, such as her shimmering “galaxies in a box.”

These present the illusion of a hot-colored sphere inside a clear cube but in fact are a sequence of paintings on aligned plastic squares. Also featured are acrylic-dot renderings of interstellar clouds on multi-layered panels, based on images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, and vignettes of a crystal-like ball that — in the tradition of Eleanor Antin’s “100 Boots” series — has been photographed while traveling the world.

Much of this work is made of Lucite and similar materials that have a bad reputation in eco-oriented contemporary art. Rupp likes clear plastics both as substances and as mediums, perhaps because they suggest various kinds of scopes though which the vast and the tiny become visible.

“I love transparency,” she says. “I want to see through the whole thing.”


Anrika Rupp: PH Random Access On view through Nov. 14