By Mary H. Garcia. Correspondent Washington, Mar 1, 2015 

The Bolivian Mexican by birth and adoption Bayro and compatriot José Fabricio Lara present their artistic work the first private gallery dedicated to contemporary Latin American art in the US capital. "I feel ambassador to Mexico because in this work there are many artists and collaborators anonymous (Mexicans) who support the impression of my prints, making my bronzes and my ceramic" he told Notimex, Bayro, resident of the Mexican state of Puebla since 40 years. He stressed that his admiration for the country has given "great" opportunities for professional development, and recalled that since coming to Mexico to study the Master of Arts at the Academy of San Carlos, discovered that "proving Mexico, no longer leaves "remarked the teacher Bayro. "Two painters of the southern mountains" was inaugurated in All We Art Gallery, a dedicated space in the non-institutional circuit, to contemporary artists from Latin America in Washington. The exhibition presents an exhibition of the work of Bayro Corrochano, which was described by Carlos Monsivais (1938-2010) as "distortion of values n flight." Bayro defined his work, which includes painting, mixed media, etching, aquatint, drypoint, amate work and drawing as "the art of the crooked" because, he said, we live in a world where anything unexpected happens. He also noted that his artwork is fun, warm and very close to the people, "because people relate their experiences and memories lot with my work." Meanwhile Fabricio Lara, from a family of painters, sculptors and muralists in Bolivia, said his work is figurative, synthesis, with a large abstract load. He noted that the color on your plastic work is influenced by ancient cultures, "is the Andean color, having the wealth of being based in earth tones and grays. "It is the basis of the colorist, who knows how to work the black and white, gray and earth, knows how to control the color value well and can freely add the color you want in a play," said the artist, who recognizes her father Gustavo Lara (1934-2014) as his "true" tutor in painting. With formal studies in sculpture at the Universidad Mayor de San Andres in La Paz, Bolivia, Lara has won several awards as a painter, sculptor, illustrator and muralist, including the 2010 Grand National Arts Award "Pedro Domingo Murillo" given your country . The Bolivian expressed his desire to exhibit in Mexico, it has a great admiration for the culture of that country, he said, "is a major stronghold for the whole continent". Fabricio Lara's work has been exhibited in several US cities, including Dallas, Miami and Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in the US capital in Europe has been brought to Spain and Liechtenstein, among others. Venezuelans Pablo Brito and his wife Luisa Elena Vidaurre opened in June 2014. All We Art Gallery in Washington after exploring other capitals, such as Paris, France; Barcelona, pain; Bogotá, Colombia, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, and confirm that there was not a private space for regional art in the US capital. "I am convinced that Latin American art is very rich because we are very suffered countries and that suffering makes us need sublime creativity through art," he told Notimex, Vidaurre. NTX / MG / TLV