María Eugenia Dávila and Eduardo Portillo have been recently added to the permanent collection of the Museum of Art and Design (MAD). 

Eduardo Portillo: Born in Jajó, Venezuela, 1966; María Eugenia Dávila, born in Mérida, Venezuela, 1966; live and work in Mérida, Venezuela. Dávila and Portillo are interested in representing experiences in materials and processes that bear the imprint of people and places, and reveal the relationships between people and their environments. When they decided to work with silk, they were compelled to travel to China and India to study and research their age-old practices of sericulture. Their experiences were crucial to their training. They have always been passionate about knowledge, experimentation, and especially its reinterpretation within their own place and culture, in Mérida, in the Venezuelan Andes. They also work with local materials, such as cotton and alpaca from Peru and Bolivia, fiber from the moriche and chiqui-chique palm trees of the Orinoco River Delta and Amazon region, as well as dyes from the indigo plant. For them color is crucial. Their interest in color starts at its very foundations: how it is obtained, where it is found in nature, in objects, in people. Through color they discover the way to follow each project. 


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