Luisa Elena VidaurrePassionate, persuasive and intuitive professional, with a talent to build relationships of trust. After 23 years of a successful career on the financial and private banking arena, she decided to make true her long-cherished dream of a Latin American Art Space devoted to the living and emerging artists, designers and  artisans trying to make their voice heard beyond the borders of their countries. Washington DC was the chosen scene for this enterprise, that is willing to become a  space for teaching, learning, sharing and developing  cultural projects of all kinds.

 Her know-how in wealthy management and  her experience in global social media networking to promote art contests and exhibitions, makes her a natural link between artists and collectors.   

She is the soul of the pARTy and the mom or grand-mom of the kids who initiate in the Creators program. 


Pablo Brito-Altamira was born in a family of artists. Lola Altamira and Jorge Brito, his parents, introduced him to art practice from childhood. He took formal classes in drawing and painting at the ARKA Academy, founded for them in Caracas, and later moved to Paris, where he made part of the avant-garde currents, and was member of Ecoles D' Art Indépendants  -  experimental independent art schools - while presented his first shows with the artistic name of Pablos.

Later on he continued his career as a Cultural Promoter for the National Culture Council  ( CONAC) in Venezuela and other institutions, as well as Creative Director in Leo Burnett and other advertising agencies . He founded his own Creative Firm, Sui Generis, and won several awards. The advertising discipline taught him how to make art visible, understandable and useful for the public.

He has been performing and teaching art for many years, almost 40, in a variety of techniques, styles and locations. He have written, gave lectures, and directed workshops on Creativity. 





Jasmine Davis is a 23 year old up and coming Washington DC native freelance ceramic and hot glass blowing installation artist. She graduated from the renowned Cleveland Institute of Art in 2014; Jasmine has had work displayed at The Cleveland Museum of Art as well as The Reinberger Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio.

Jasmine has been involved with art for eleven years and enjoys creating work that challenges her audience. Her current work reflects on self worth, challenging her audience to find their self worth while interacting with her installations. Today Jasmine ‘s mission is to introduce art and reative techniques to our youth. Forming future  sensitive professionals for our ever-evolving  innovative world.

Lizzeth Avalos was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Since middle school she has photographed everyday life and her everyday findings. In 2010, she began working at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art where she worked alongside many talented artists and teachers in the Education Department. Through this experience she learned about art and art making, learned best teaching practices, and engaged children and families in art. She currently resides in Washington, DC.