He wrote:

“I go back to my aim of the Land of Grace and river (Orinoco) and lake that I found there. . . .But I have deeply rooted in my soul that there, where I said, is the Earthly Paradise” *

This overwhelming sensation experienced by Columbus has been since year one the Ariadne’s thread that guides the feeling of artists and poets to find their way out of the Labyrinth in this New World yet surprisingly old in projections of the Unconscious Soul:

Land of Grace and also land of Amazons, El Dorado, and other mirages of the wishful utopian imagination of conquistadors and exploreMagical realism was not invented by Carpentier o García Márquez but was already deep inside the flesh and blood of the first inhabitants of the continent and was embraced as a belief by all travelers, who found themselves dreaming, as Baudelaire in his Invitation to Voyage that

The rarest flowers
Mingling their fragrance
With the faint scent of amber,
The ornate ceilings,
The limpid mirrors,
The oriental splendor,
All would whisper there
Secretly to the soul

In its soft, native language.

There all is order and beauty,
Luxury, peace, and pleasure. **

But no explanation is necessary to art, so we can continue enjoying the beauty and the enchantment of that grace in the works of the artists coming from this land as messengers of hope and faith in the human eternal aim for perfection.

 -Pablo Brito-Altamira

* Christopher Columbus - Journal of the Third Voyage (May - August 1498) quoted by Margaret R. Ewalt - Peripheral Wonders: Nature, Knowledge, and Enlightenment in the Eighteenth-century Orinoco

** Charles Baudelaire – Invitation to Voyage

(Washington, DC) All We Art, a venue specializing in contemporary Latin American artists working in a range of mediums, is pleased to introduce its inaugural exhibition. Following a successful launch on Friday, June 27, Tierra de Gracia / Land of Grace: Venezuelan Contemporary Art will be on view through September 12, 2014.

All We Art is the realization of a long-time dream. A project of a “Latin American United Artists.”  The opening group exhibition showcases artworks, in a variety of media, by artists  Vivian Asapche, Ricardo Benaim, Antonio Briceno, Luis Brito, Reynaldo Certain, Matilde Canepa, Jesus Caviglia, Gaudi Este, Takako Kodani, La Morera, Pajaro, Marcos Pereira, Anrika Rupp, Alixia Velasco and Miguel Von Dangel.